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  • Gâteau zébré d'Halloween

    Halloween cake

    On Tuesday it’s Halloween !! I don’t know if you are used to celebrate it but I wanted to add a recipe for this occasion onto my blog so you can make it with you…

    27 October 2017
  • gâteau fondant au chocolat et noix de pécan

    Chocolate cake and pecan nuts

    A great idea to finish off your Easter chocolates with this chocolate cake and pecan nuts! It is quite close to a brownie and to make it even meltier I’ve added some milk chocolate…

    19 April 2017
  • Cake surprise de Noël

    Surprise Christmas cake

    Un gâteau surprise pour le 24 au soir ça vous tente ? Ce gâteau chocolat pistache est tout simplement magique! Lorsqu’on le découpe, un joli sapin apparaît au centre! C’est un peu le gâteau qui…

    5 December 2016
  • Lemon drizzle cake

    Lemon Drizzle Cake

    Another lemon cake recipe but this time a classic English recipe: the Lemon drizzle cake. In fact, it is a lemon cake to which you add a lemon syrup which makes it soft and…

    24 November 2016
  • Cake à la grecque

    Greek “cake”

    This is a simple recipe and a quick one to realise! This cake (as we call it in french) can be served with a salad and kept easily several days in your fridge. You…

    19 May 2016