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  • Velouté de potimarron, éclat de noisettes, chips de chorizo
    Entrées Soupes

    Winter squash soup with hazelnuts and chorizo

    This week I’m partnering with Photoweb to offer you seasonal recipes around the “Semaine du gout” which would translate in “the tasty week”  It is basically an event occurring every year on the transmission…

    10 October 2017
  • Soupe aux 2 courges et patate douce

    Winter squash and sweet potato soup

    If you need a comforting soup I highly recommend this one. This winter squash and sweet potato soup is very smooth and to add even more softness I added at the end some coconut…

    27 January 2017
  • capuccino de potimarron aux épices

    Spicy butternut cappuccino

    Exquisite little starter to realise and that will blow away your guests a bit more than with a classic soup! The spicy mousse that comes in the top brings freshness to the soup and…

    19 December 2016
  • Soupe aux petits pois et jambon

    Pea and ham soup

    This pea and ham soup reminds me of my 5 years spent in London. During this time I’ve always felt that England was quite inspiring for soup recipes because they’re making some really good…

    26 November 2016
  • Soupe de lentilles corail et lait de coco

    Red lentils and coconut soup

    This is the perfect soup to do again and again! This red lentil and coconut soup is just a bowl of happiness, pleasure and satisfaction (yes yes all of it!!).…

    12 November 2016
  • Velouté de chou-fleur au parmesan

    Creamy cauliflower and parmesan cheese Soup

    Another soup recipe (some more will follow shortly!) with this creamy cauliflower and parmesan cheese soup. As you will see in the ingredients, this soup is quite heavy so I recommend you to serve it…

    29 October 2016
  • Soupe potimarron, châtaignes et lard croquant

    Butternut ~ chestnuts ~ crispy bacon

    I just created a new “Soup” tab on my blog because I love the soups and we’re back in the cold season I will quite a few recipes! One of my favorite soups is…

    24 October 2016
  • Gaspachou Andalou

    Andalusian Gazpacho

    This Spanish recipe is my favorite cold soup of the summer (well, summer hasn’t started yet but on this first rainy day of June I have good hope that the sun will return quickly!!).…

    1 June 2016