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October 2016

  • Velouté de chou-fleur au parmesan

    Creamy cauliflower and parmesan cheese Soup

    Another soup recipe (some more will follow shortly!) with this creamy cauliflower and parmesan cheese soup. As you will see in the ingredients, this soup is quite heavy so I recommend you to serve it…

    29 October 2016
  • Cupcakes araignées pour Halloween

    Halloween spiders cupcakes

    Monday evening it is Halloween, then I played the game to create an Halloween cake! As I hate spiders, I decided to reproduce a few BOOOH! And as I love the candy, it was…

    28 October 2016
  • Gâteau de pommes caramélisées

    Caramelised apple cake

    This cake with caramelised apples is in fact a kind of pound cake covered with caramelised apples (with the edges full of crunchy caramel!). To make it even more greedy or more apple tasty, simply…

    26 October 2016
  • Soupe potimarron, châtaignes et lard croquant

    Butternut ~ chestnuts ~ crispy bacon

    I just created a new “Soup” tab on my blog because I love the soups and we’re back in the cold season I will quite a few recipes! One of my favorite soups is…

    24 October 2016
  • Gâteau fondant à l'orange ~ nappage chocolat

    Orange cake with chocolate icing

    This melting orange cake with chocolate icing is a little bit the cake that defines me ♥ The recipe has already been shared with many of my friends who have adopted it. I have…

    22 October 2016
  • Rouleaux de printemps végératiens

    Vegetarian Spring rolls

    We had friends over yesterday evening and I’ve been thinking about cooking a light starter and at the same time a bit different. I had some leftovers from a Pad Thai I had made…

    20 October 2016
  • Salade couscous patate douce

    Couscous and sweet potato salad

    Summer is over but days are still lovely (well this is the case in Lyon :)) therefore I wanted to post a salad recipe: here is a couscous and sweet potato salad.…

    4 October 2016
  • Crumble pommes blueberries

    Apple and blueberries crumble

    This is an easy dessert I’m posting on today (and an English one!!) which is slightly different from the traditionnal apple one! This Apple and Blueberries crumble is perfect for a dessert or at…

    2 October 2016